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Helping You Sustain Your Legacy

To provide long term security for your family, you must have a blueprint for success. Cox Financial Corporation can get you there.

Cox Financial Corporation offers comprehensive solutions through a spectrum of financial services. From growing your wealth to planning for your family’s future, Cox Financial Corporation is Cincinnati’s preeminent investment advisor.

Welcome to Cox Financial Corporation

Independent Financial Planning Consultants

We are Cox Financial Corporation. We live and work in Cincinnati. However, our positive impacts extends throughout the country, nurtured by the goodwill of our clients who know we don't say one thing and do another. Financial planning is life planning, and the decisions you make today will affect not only your immediate family, but also your future generations. We fully appreciate the magnitude of this responsibility. Consequently, we are committed to help our clients unlock the best available opportunities for themselves and their families. Read more about our products and services.

Financial Guidance

"Financial planning is life planning and it encompasses much more than merely your investments. It is a great responsibility to assist men and women in accomplishing that which all people seek. All 7 billion people who have lived and died and the billions that live today have wanted the same things, peace of mind and to know that everything will be all right. These are issues we deal with every day. I don't think anyone in any job does anything that is more important than what we do.  ~Phillip R Cox, Founder