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Investment Consulting Services

Cox Financial Corporation is an independent, unbiased investment consulting firm whose advisers offer clients transparent and up-to-date research capabilities that are customized and fiduciaries for charitable organizations, healthcare and insurance institutions, multi-employer trust, corporate and public benefit plans and high-net-worth Families

Our research capabilities encompass extensive data from over 40,000 investment manager products, funds, ETF's, and separate accounts. The independent nature of our tools and staff ensures an objective and conflict-free framework in which we deliver investment solution at the highest levels.

Our process begins with a comprehensive review and analysis of investment policies, objectives, asset allocation and portfolio structure and a thorough review of investment statements. Our due diligence and research services include the following:

  • Recommending investment methodologies
  • Analysis of the investment characteristics of available asset class and risk/return potential as an alternative assets mixes
  • Guidelines and procedures for rebalancing and asset mix
  • Continual updates on changes in market trends, legislation changes, new strategies and products availability and shifts in financial and interest rate
  • Recommendations on investment manager allocations, mandates and performance benchmarking
  • Monitoring and oversight of investment managers
  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Advice on manager selection, retention and termination and a written manager review process including a ten-point quantitative and qualitative system for manger review
  • Negotiations of manager fees and transaction fees
  • Monthly and quarterly performance reporting
  • Communitcation with client staff, availability of research experts to clients
  • Assistance on special projects
  • Research and recommendations on custodial arrangements and related vendor relationships
  • Assistance with most other investment and vendor related searches and research