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Corporate and Non-Profit Services

Diverse Investment Management

We partner with our clients in creating and managing investment solutions designed to deliver customized outcomes in sync with the organization's objectives.   In addition to investment management and design, we provide ESG management and monitoring; and as a minority owned company - we offer a diverse partner in delivering the highest level of investment management solutions.

ESG: Investing for a Sustainable World

Sustainable investing is a forward-looking approach that seeks to deliver long-term returns in a rapidly evolving world.

Sustainability is evaluated through analysis of environmental, social and governance practices [ESG].  Considerations include company board composition, impact on water quality, harmful emissions, labor practices, inclusion and workplace diversity, to name a few.  Today’s demand for sustainable investing is creating real world corporate transparency, and exciting opportunities for delivering on investment objectives in a more sustainable world.

Addressing the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges requires bold and coordinated action from government entities, corporations and individuals around the world. Together, we can drive better outcomes, for today and for the future.

Executive & Group Insurance

As an independent consulting firm, we provide objective and conflict-free analysis and consulting on group insurance plans such as life, disability, and executive insurance plan design. Our independent structure allows us to provide custom-designed platforms and benefits in a cost-efficient manner for corporate clients.

Our supplemental life and disability programs feature a number of benefits including:

  • Top-rated credit carriers
  • Paperless enrollments
  • Customized communications designed for your firm
  • Top service and support throughout the relationship
  • Coverage customization including bonus and incentive compensation

Cox Financial Corporation has no affiliations with insurers or other financial services providers, which allows us to objectivity and independence to deliver the industry solutions that our clients need and deserve.

We can provide plan design and plan quotes at no cost, and our experts are available to work diligently with your staff in securing suitable options and cost savings at every level.