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Voluntary Digital Whole Life Insurance Program

Introducing Digital Voluntary Whole Life Program: Embrace a Future of Financial Security

Discover a revolutionary approach to your company’s voluntary benefits with our Digital Voluntary Whole Life Program. Designed to empower your team with comprehensive coverage and flexible options, this innovative program redefines the way employees safeguard their families.

Through cutting-edge digital solutions, we bring simplicity and convenience to the world of whole life insurance. Say goodbye to complex paperwork and hello to streamlined, user-friendly processes that put you in control.

Embrace a future where advanced technology meets unwavering protection. Explore our Digital Voluntary Whole Life Program today and take the first step towards securing peace of mind for your employees. The journey to a more secure tomorrow starts here.

1.  Fully digital voluntary life insurance product (complementary benefit to other offerings)
2.  3-5 minute buying process for ee's (no exam, blood or urine)
3.  No admin work for employer (self pay for ee's)
4.  Flexible coverage options
5.  Fully portable for ee's